Open to interpretation / Open to connection / Draw theater closer to life / Be a place that truly belongs to the people

Sinkagitso is a cultural terminal for people who live in Chiayi as well as a cultivation center for inspirational creativities and beautiful lifestyles.

The name Sinkagitso originated from Kagitso that was established in 1909. Kagitso was the first theater built in Chiayi and held a significant place in cultural exchange. Following the cultural vision set by our predecessors, Sinkagitso’s core value is “community”. Besides hosting arts and culture events regularly for the community, Sinkagitso also promotes plays performed in Taiwanese, solo performances, international arts and cultural exchange, drama education for all ages, cross-disciplinary innovations and so on. All the efforts are giving Chiayi a new energy that would in turn attract more local pioneers in performing arts.

Sinkagitso is located in G9 Creative Park (building K 2F), which used to be the old Chiayi Distillery’s production room where starter cultures for sorghum spirits were made and it’s also one of the century old historic buildings in Chiayi. In 2018, Our Theatre transformed it into a renovated multi-functional exhibition and performance hall and offered various cultural events to be organized here. In 2020, Sinkagitso became an independently managed arts and culture organization.