The Grasstraw Festival

Organized large-scale arts and culture festivals for 13 consecutive years

Each year we’ve attracted


international groups for collaboration




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Spirit of Our Curating

Spring Grass Autumn Works This is Our Theatre’s unique tempo in Chiayi

Every March in the early spring The Grasstraw Festival welcomes audiences from all over the world with its approachable integrated art forms

Every October in the early autumn Chiayi New Works Festival assembles unique international plays and exchange original stories with performing art enthusiasts from all over the world

The Grasstraw Festival


A Group of People Team Up to Achieve One Common Goal

Our Theatre first organized The Grasstraw Festival in 2009, which was named after “grass” and represented by “grass”. Grasses were easily found by the roads and seemingly unremarkable, which was exactly the spiritual symbol of The Grasstraw Festival. We don’t need to be rare flowers or giant trees, the Grasstraw only needs to play its role and push its potential to the extreme then the power to lift heavy rocks would come naturally.

The Grasstraw Festival is the largest and a must-see arts and culture festival in the great Chiayi area, which attracts nearly 10 thousand audiences every March in early spring as well as arts and culture groups from all over the world. The Grasstraw Festival took place on a springtime meadow where hundreds of performances, markets, exhibitions, gigs, film festivals, workshops and many more were transforming Chiayi Performing Arts Center into an experimental field for arts. Countless events flew in and out of outdoor areas and indoor theaters with audiences from all age groups and professions who could all enjoy the immense possibilities that were generated when life meets arts…