Classic Literature Adaptation, Taiwanese Drama

Palaces: Outside In and Inside Out

“Characters and events are similar to life stories of the Taiwanese people. The stories and characters are so tightly put together.”

“I loved this show, its combustion, its complexity and how the sense of loss it conjured and lingered afterwards.”


Demonstrating incredible strength and integrity, they link each moment creating a breathtaking performance.
-Sibiu International Theatre Festival

The theatre company Our Theatre, focuses on folk culture and common people and is devoted to experimentation, and brings with it a new form of theatre to the British Stage.
-A Younger Theatre

Gún kio̍k-thuân”, means “our theatre” in Taiwanese.

OurTheatre is the first performing arts group for contemporary theatre to be officially established in the greater Chiayi area, the Southern part of Taiwan. It intentionally distances itself from the metropolitan areas and chooses Chiayi as its base. The troupe focuses on folk culture and common people and is devoted to developing productions from a southern point of view and experimenting with a new generation of Taiwanese-language works. It strives to set a new direction for the development of art and culture in Chiayi. At the same time, it is constantly aware of the question of how theatre should connect with people and society.