The State & Denki

Original Taiwanese and Cantonese Musical


Received Warm Reception from Audiences and Asked for Extra Shows

“…Our Theatre insisted on finishing this jointly-created production under a difficult time, bringing a grand musical about reclaiming language, culture and self-identity to the gloomy post-pandemic era……Our Theatre continues to make a difference with the afterglow of its agenda and performances.”
-Par Reviews TSAI, I-An

“…powerful script bounding characters together with their life stories and incorporated with distressed family history and absurd fantasy……in the hope of planting a seed of courage to continue moving forward in the future. The State & Denki have played the roles that marked such significance of our time.”
-Xinying Premiere Audience Lao Dan

About The Show

Across a hundred years of cinematic glories of Taiwan and Hong Kong
A musical cautionary tale of our future

Two old cinemas are both facing the fate of demolition, one in Taiwan and the other in Hong Kong; two girls from different time and space are drawn to them, each has things in mind weighing on their shoulders.

In the cinemas where shadows and ghosts can’t seem to be avoided, a conversation has started between two girls who are haunted by the past. Their stories revolve around the cinemas and they are destined to seek eternally for their forbidden family stories.

Mandarin/Cantoness, Chinese/Taiwanese—a speechless interaction.
Taiwan’s past and Hong Kong’s future were intersected and shone on each other.

A hundred years of cinematic and historical glories are being chased and praised in songs forever and ever.

Joint Production: Theatre Space (Hong Kong)

Other Information

1. The show is about 130 minutes with no intermission.
2. The show is performed in Taiwanese and Hong Kong Cantonese with Chinese subtitles.
3. Not a family show, age 12 and up is recommended.
4. Please contact if need touring information and technical rider