The Delusion of Home

Documentary Theatre


“…Yu’s performance as the oyster farmer who finds small joys in her family and her dance club, despite life’s grinding tedium, is both the play’s driving force and beating heart.”
-Deborah Chu (The List)

About The Show

Documentary X Theatre A Derelict Family’s Performance and Exhibition in Exile
Wu Mi Le Director X Our Theatre Explore Documentary Theatre

“A lifelong exile from our homelands”

In 2015, Our Theatre worked with Wu Mi Le director Zhuang Yi-Zeng on the stage adaptation of his photographic project of the same name. They revisited coastal areas of Dongshi where the photographic project originally took place and interviewed local residents in order to bring The Delusion of Home on stage to meet with audiences.

A play and gazes between people and the environment.

Exile, migration, lost and seek.

The images of deserted architectures along the city’s riverside and seashore are weaved with the text and actors to present how humans build their homes in different shapes and styles within their limited years on earth in the past as well as in the future, and how they look longingly for a home but all is in vain.

Other Information

1. The show is about 70 minutes with no intermission.
2. The show is performed in Taiwanese and Mandarin with English subtitles.
3. Please contact if need touring information and technical rider