“Give Tradition a New Energy Forge Lifestyle with Contemporary Creativity”

The brand of SINKAGI was founded by Our Theatre in 2018, inspired by the first traditional theater “Kagitso”, which was built a century ago in Chiayi. SINKAGI is devoted to intertwining the cultural aspects between tradition and contemporary arts in order to intersect traditional humanities & arts and sentiments in modern society. The brand includes Sinkagitso (performance art theater), SINKAGI beer featuring North Taiwan Brewing and SINKAGI beer glass featuring W Glass Project, which puts a new face on Chiayi with the connections generated by cross-industries and cross-disciplinary

北台灣麥酒 ╳ 新嘉義 / 新嘉義啤酒

NTD 150

W春池計畫╳新嘉義 / 酒杯(啉酒愛招款)

NTD 220

W春池計畫╳新嘉義 / 酒杯(看戲愛叫款)


“A Group of People Team Up to Achieve One Common Goal”

The Grasstraw Festival is the largest arts and culture festival organized by a private organization in southern Taiwan. The first Grasstraw was organized by Our Theatre in 2009 with “grass” as its spiritual symbol. Every March in the early spring, the Grasstraw takes place in the Chiayi Performing Arts Center and connects Chiayi’s distinctive culture and custom with international guests via three core concepts—exhibitions, seminars and performances—in the forms of youth theatre, crafts market, outdoor performances, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, etc.

草草經典 / The 繡 must go on 鑰匙圈(綠)



“The Platform of Original Asian Contemporary Plays”

In 2013, Our Theatre initiated The Farm of Plays project. Led by the senior theater creator WANG Yu-Hui, the project invites three playwrights each year from Asia to attend a three-year-long in depth play creation, which requires traveling and exploring Taiwan,writing progress reviews, play reading with box office, editing and improving scripts and finally publishing play scripts; till this day, we have created almost 20 scripts with this project. The Farm of Plays does not limit the themes nor formations of the creations. Combining resources of editing, directing, performing, reviewing, audience and producing, The Farm of Play offers upcoming playwrights to tell their stories on a stage with no limitations.


NTD 300


NTD 300


NTD 300


NTD 300


NTD 300