Demonstrating incredible strength and integrity, they link each moment creating a breathtaking performance.

-Sibiu International Theatre Festival

The theatre company Our Theatre, focuses on folk culture and common people and is devoted to experimentation, and brings with it a new form of theatre to the British Stage.

-A Younger Theatre

Gún kio̍k-thuân”, means “our theatre” in Taiwanese.

Our Theatre is the first performing arts group for contemporary theatre to be officially established in the greater Chiayi area, the Southern part of Taiwan. It intentionally distances itself from the metropolitan areas and chooses Chiayi as its base. The troupe focuses on folk culture and common people and is devoted to developing productions from a southern point of view and experimenting with a new generation of Taiwanese-language works. It strives to set a new direction for the development of art and culture in Chiayi. At the same time, it is constantly aware of the question of how theatre should connect with people and society.

Our Members

Artistic Director: Jhao-Cian WANG
Head of the Company: Vivian TSAI
Deputy Head of the Company: MCJJ, Chun-Kai CHANG
Deputy Artistic Director: PJ YU, Ming-Lun WU
Brand and Marketing Manager: Miyabi Zhan
General Manager: Yen hsiang Lee
Production Team Leader: Dina YAU
Acting and Education Team Leader: Ying-Hsuan WU
Chief Secretary: Shelly HSU
Secretary: Chia Hsuan YANG
Director / Actor: Seong Wei CHOONG
Drama Teacher: OR Ka Kee
Actor: Hsuan KU, Daiken LEE, Wen-Ruei JHONG
Production Administrator: I-Hui YANG, Min Yi LIOU
Designer: Han-Yi HSIEH, Li-Ren Chen
Brand and Marketing Administrator: YJMM, Angelia CHANG
Accountant: Zhi-Chen LIAO
Accounting Assistant: I-Chia WU
General Administrator: Hsueh-Jen HUANG
Resident Artist: Fang-Yi CHU, Chao Hsin

Collaboration Partners

Legal Consultant: Yu -Hsun Chiang
Vocal Coach:De-En ChANG
Taiwanese Coach:Rui-kun LIN
Logistics:Chun-Sheng WANG,
Hair stylist:Jean TSAI
Photagrapher:Jiong-Zhe HUANG

ū kàu.tsa̍p káu

“ū kàu” means enough, surplus in Taiwanese, “tsa̍p káu”means 19.
Ourtheatre has founded for 19 years, to be surplus is our anticipation this year, expecting ourselves to bear more burden in Chiayi, Taiwan.

Designed by Mounts Studio

  • Presented The State & Denki—a cross-countries and co-created musical—with Theatre Space from Hong Kong as the first YCCX Theatre Liaison collaborative work
  • Presented The Road: Seven Days, the third collaborative work with Japanese theater company Ryuzanji Jimusho, which was adapted into a short film and published on youtube due to the pandemic
  • 2019
  • Selected for NCAF Taiwan Top Performing Arts Group for the first time and was granted for two years
  • Performed a charity show of The March of City Romance (LGBTQIA version) at the NTCH Theater Terrace in celebration of same-sex marriage legislation
  • 2018
  • Founded the Sinkagitso and performed long-running flagship production The 18 Bronzemen: Taiwanese Battle of the Gods
  • Co-created An Oxcart for Dowry—adapted from classic Taiwanese literature for the very first time—with Ryuzanji Jimusho and was shortlisted for the Taishin Arts Award Annual Grand Prize
  • Selected for 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Taiwan Season and performed 23 shows of The Delusion Of Home in Edinburgh, Scotland/li>
  • Later from the project of The Farm of Plays was invited to perform in 2018 International Theatre Festival, 2018 CTBC Arts Festival and was shortlisted for the Taishin Arts Award
  • 2017
  • Tainan Arts Festival invited to perform original musical The March of City Romance
  • Sibiu International Theatre Festival in Romania—one of the top three theatrical festivals in Europe—invited to perform Macbeth: Paint it, Black! and received rave reviews
  • 2013 The Farm of Plays The House in the Water premiered and was shortlisted for the Taishin Arts Award
  • Presented the second Documentary Theatre work Prohibited to Use 2.0 at the Tainan Literature Festival
  • 2016
  • Selected for the Ministry of Culture Three-tier Funding Project and was evaluated as the development tier three years in a row
  • Collaborated with Ryuzanji Jimusho (Tokyo, Japan) for the first cross-countries and co-creation work Macbeth: Paint It, Black!, paving a long collaborative journey to the date
  • 2015
  • Taipei Arts Festival invited to perform The Delusion of Home, founding a creative path for Documentary Theatre
  • 2013
  • Initiated The Farm of Plays and invited Associate Professor WANG Yu-Hui to be the project director. This recurring project invites three upcoming playwrights every year to attend a three-year-long development of playwriting, play reading and publication planning.
  • 2012
  • Presented the first classic Taiwanese literature adaption Kim Sui Raises a Wife and turned a new page for creating Taiwanese theatrical works. In the following three years, presented a new series works of Summertime Daze, L Thy Nation and Money Lovers' Cha-Cha
  • The Grasstraw Festival invited Director Lu Yi Hsin from the New Visions New Voices Theatre Company to lead creative group writing and opened the new creative workline towards Youth Theatre
  • 2011
  • Selected for Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan (now Ministry of Culture) Three-tier Funding Project and was granted in incubation tier for five years in a row
  • Initiated Arts and Culture Sewing Project (now Chiayi Countryside Project), which organizes charity shows touring at the elementary and junior high schools among Chiayi countrysides till this day.
  • 2009
  • Resided in the Chiayi Performing Arts Center; primary creative base is still in Chiayi County Minxiong Township till this day
  • Organized the annual Youth Theatre Festival (now The Grasstraw Festival)—a six months theatre educational project—to accompany the youngsters in Yulin and Chiayi areas
  • Organized Humanities Theatre Project two years in a row and adapted four classic plays: Scenery III, Sketch, Taipei Animalmen, FUQI the Democratic
  • 2006
  • Officially registered and became the first contemporary theatre company based in Chiayi
  • 2003
  • Founded Our Theatre
  • Presented five founding productions: We Need More Shoes, On the Platform, ≡, Three Unfinished Essays, and Single Suite